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Everything Businesses Need to Know about the Cloud-Based Loyalty Programme 

Everything Businesses Need to Know about the Cloud-Based Loyalty Programme

Did you know that customer loyalty programmes are one of the most popular marketing tools businesses use today? In fact, according to a report by Promotional Products Association International, 52% of companies surveyed said they use promotional products to increase customer loyalty and retention. It’s no wonder these are so popular – they’re a great way to show your clients that you appreciate their business and are willing to go the extra mile to keep them happy.

If you’re considering implementing a cloud-based solution for your business, you might be wondering about its goal. As there’s no point in investing time and resources into a plan if it’s not going to help one achieve their desired goals. But first, people must understand that customer loyalty is not a one-time event – it’s an ongoing relationship that they must work to nurture and maintain. 

What is a loyalty programme?

It is a system that rewards customers for their continued patronage of a business. It’s a great way to “thank you” to the best customers and encourage them to return. As a business owner, one can choose to offer discounts, points, or other incentives. 

Cloud-based solutions offer several advantages over traditional loyalty services, including tracking customer data and providing real-time insights. Several renowned sites, such as offer an extensive range of cloud-based employee motivation solutions.

What are the many kinds of such services?

There are two main kinds: points-based and tiered. 

  • Points-based ones: Customers earn points for each purchase in a points-based method. These points can be redeemed for rewards such as discounts or free shipping. For example, a customer who spends $100 at a store might earn 100 points. Once they reach 1000 points, they could redeem them for a $20 discount.
  • Tiered ones: Customers are placed into different tiers based on their spending habits in a tiered plan. The higher the tier, the more exclusive the rewards. For example, a customer who spends $100 at a store might be placed in the Silver tier, while another who spends $1000 might be placed in the Gold tier.  

What are the benefits of a cloud-based programme?

Some of the key benefits include: 

– Real-time insights are possible with the aid of this tool. 

– The data of the customer is stored securely. 

– Helps one keep track of their employees’ performance as well. 

– There is no need for installation when personnel opt for a cloud-based loyalty plan. 

– The system can be easily integrated with the current CRM software. 

What to know when adding this programme to a business model?

When you’re ready to add a loyalty plan to your business, there are a few things people should keep in mind: 

– Defining goals: What do business personnel hope to achieve with their loyalty scheme? 

– Choose the correct type: What type of rewards will the customers value the most? 

– Consider the budget: How much can you afford to spend on your loyalty solution? 

– Set up your program: Once you’ve chosen a loyalty plan provider, you’ll need to set up your account and start tracking customer data. 

– Promote your program: Make sure your customers know about your solution and how they can sign up. You can promote your solution through email, social media, or in-store signage. 

It may be an excellent method to boost customer retention and profits. But before launching a plan, it’s essential to research and choose the right type of solution for a business. With some planning, people can find a programme their customers will love. 

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