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Child care: Six Reasons to Consider Mental Health 

Child care: Six Reasons to Consider Mental Health

When a parent looks for a child care centre, the mental wellbeing of the youngster should be equally as important as safety. A centre will list office hours and may request a list of items you should bring like extra clothes, nappies, wipes, diaper cream, and medications. Some will even ask if your kid has food allergies. But rarely do you ever see a daycare offer services to address your child’s mental health. You hope that once you leave your little one in the care of strangers, they will care enough to intervene if the child is a victim of bullying. Sadly, the caregivers in child care centres are most often there to collect pay and may not be engaged enough to see after your kid’s mental health.

A centre offering child care near you may have acceptable pricing or other benefits that interest you, but there are reasons that private in-home child care services are better.

Strong Rapport

Kids who are quiet by nature are easily overlooked when placed in large groups making the youngster feel lost or forgotten. Having a one-on-one care provider will build a strong rapport with your child. Strong relationships will help the child focus when needing help with schoolwork. If your child has emotional struggles, having a personal care provider may help the child feel more secure.

A Good Listener

There is nothing better than ensuring that your kid’s concerns are heard and addressed. Not only does this add an extra layer of safety, but it can also help improve your child’s mental health because they may be more willing to open up to a one-on-one care provider.

If Your Child Has Mental Challenges

If your little one has mental health challenges, it may not be a good idea to place them in a centre unless they offer services that will suit your kid’s needs. There could also be limitations in agencies claiming to provide services to fit the needs of each child. Such limitations include fluctuating staff or members of the team who are not skilled to care for the mental conditions of your child.

Safer Environment

The COVID-19 virus continues to mutate, and the safest place to be is at home. There are vaccinations available, but young children cannot receive the vaccine at this time. Having in-home child care allows you to better control who your child is exposed to, which is challenging to do at a centre for child care near you. Also, being at home creates a safer habitat to nurture your child’s growing needs. The impact of the pandemic has caused an increase in anxiety and depression for children, and having a care provider they trust can help decrease their fears.

Nourishment and Exercise

An in-home care provider can ensure that your child’s dietary needs remain consistent and exercise routines are kept on track. If your little one has severe food allergies that could lead to an emergency if ingested, you can relax knowing that your kid is safe at home and not tempted to eat food unsafe for them.

Stressful Events

If your family has gone through some event that causes considerable stress in the home, like the loss of a loved one, or a sudden illness, the kid may need a little more attention than usual. Having child care in the home provides stability and assurance that your kids’ needs are satisfied.

While there are advantages to placing your little one in a centre for child care near you, it is wise also to consider the alternative of in-home care services, especially when taking into account the safety and mental wellbeing of your kid.

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