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CBD Pain Management: How CBD Can Help Manage Arthritis Pain 

CBD Pain Management: How CBD Can Help Manage Arthritis Pain
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If you are dealing with arthritis pain, you are not alone. 

About 23% of people in the US have arthritis. Though it can sometimes be difficult, there are many ways to manage that pain. A new form of pain management, CBD, is on the rise for its many beneficial properties and positive studies. 

Though it is a newer medicine, CBD may have some positive effects on your arthritis pain. If you are curious about CBD pain management, you are in the right place. 

In this article, we will cover what CBD is, what causes arthritis, and other factors to keep aware of if you choose to implement CBD in your wellness plan. 

The Origins of CBD

CBD derived from cannabis, but you will not experience a high or an altered state of mind like marijuana provides. 

The amount of THC present in CBD is lower, often around 0.3%. THC is the chemical that offers the user a “high,” and since it is not heavily present in CBD, you can have peace of mind that your mind will stay at peace while you use it. 

There are various types of CBD, as well. Depending on your desired results, some CBD can be CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. In the simplest form, CBD isolate is pure CBD that does not offer any benefits of other compounds found in the cannabis plant. 

However, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum both offer a wide array of CBD benefits alongside those found in other compounds in the cannabis plant. 

In some cases, full-spectrum CBD can have small but traceable amounts of CBD, since it utilizes the full cannabis plant. Broad-spectrum, however, does not have THC present but uses CBD and other cannabis compounds. 

Now that you know the origins of CBD, let’s get into the causes of arthritis

Types of Arthritis

Though there are various types of arthritis, the two most common types are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is tied to auto-immune issues, where the individuals’ immune problems battle against their joints, which leads to inflammation. RA is most commonly found in a person’s hands and feet and can lead to joints swelling, pain, and stiffness. 

Osteoarthritis, however, affects the joints and bones most commonly in the hip, knee, and thumb. OA is also a degenerative disease, which means that the cause could be due to prior damage or injury, leading to joint issues.  

Various symptoms come along with arthritis that can affect one’s life. Persistent pain can lead to poor sleep and a decreased range of motion. However, a lot of people who have arthritis still live prosperous lives, and there are ways of managing it. 

As previously mentioned, CBD is on the rise for its possible relief for arthritis. Now that we explained the different types of arthritis and their causes let’s look at the CBD benefits and how they work with these issues. 

CBD Benefits 

Some studies have found that CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Specifically, there is a suggestion that CBD works against proteins in our body called cytokines, which are proteins in our body that can lead to inflammation. 

Cytokines communicate with various cells in our bodies, and in some cases, can cause an inflammatory response. CBD, however, is said to interact with the pro-inflammatory cytokines in our bodies, which can lead to less inflammation. 

Inflammation, in its various forms, can affect our bodies. From our physical well-being to our brains and mood, excess inflammation can contribute to chronic pain, anxiety, and other issues. 

In a study conducted in 2017, cannabinol was showed to assist in decreasing the nerve damage and pain in rats with osteoarthritis. This research is promising, as it shows real-world results in the likelihood that CBD is helpful in pain management. 

CBD also showed benefits to people suffering from pain, too. One of the first case studies done in 2006 showed that users that have pain due to rheumatoid arthritis experienced less pain, better sleep, and no side effects. 

As the research continues, there is more and more evidence that suggests CBD is a promising tool in pain management. 

CBD Pain Management 

Since we have covered the basics of CBD and arthritis, you may be wondering about CBD pain management. CBD comes in many options, from oils, creams, and edibles, there are many ways to ingest CBD and process its anti-inflammatory properties. 

If you are wondering what type is best for you, it truly depends on the strength of the product. Most people consume CBD orally, and usually, that comes with the most effectiveness. However, for arthritis, creams and lotions may work for you as well. 

It is really about finding what medium works best for you and how your body responds to CBD. However, it is imperative to read the instructions and information regarding your CBD product. There, you will find the correct dosage for pain, which can be helpful if you are unfamiliar with the product. 

Using CBD to Manage Arthritis 

All in all, the effects of CBD On arthritis are of course, on a case by case basis. 

Depending on your body, your results may vary. However, there is promising research backed up by case studies on CBD’s ingredients that show that CBD can help manage arthritis. There are statistics by individuals with arthritis that currently use CBD in their wellness routine and seeing positive results. 

Another benefit of CBD is that it is not addictive, unlike other substances used for pain management. Moreover, the use of CBD as an intervention for those suffering from addiction saw positive results. Overall, CBD is a natural, safer ingredient that can help manage your pain. 

Manage Your Pain with CBD

From its various ingredients that help with inflammation, it’s positive research and nonaddictive quality, CBD can be extremely helpful in helping manage your pain. 

Don’t let chronic pain stop you from living your best life; CBD is a great resource to help you feel better. 

If you are interested in CBD pain management, then check out our website for more information on the best quality CBD and health information. 

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