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Can AI Get a Win on Slots? 

Can AI Get a Win on Slots?

Technology has always driven radical thinking businesses of different industries. While it exhibits development and growth, technology has also made way for emerging and advancing trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Augmented Reality. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already been incorporated into our everyday lives. Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa is used for enhancing user experience. Now, AI is also being used in the casino gaming or gambling industry

Gambling Industry Gets Boosted by AI

It is quite difficult to recognize a problematic player, particularly for a casino. The best solution to this problem is AI. When the behavioural and player database comes into the picture, the system will be able to call out such punters. 

Every punter is different. The campaign that is good for one player might not work for the other. Hence, computing the odds on the basis of individual preferences, and then calculating the results will help out online casinos to attract an extensive range of audiences. AI offers great help when it comes to delivering specific campaigns to generate traffic. 

Using AI to Win Slots

The concept of winning slots is easy, in theory. You just have to land winning combinations that contain 3 to 5 of the same icons to gain a win. However, due to its various dynamics, slots can turn out to be a complex game that requires concrete understanding and luck. Most of these are based on personal experience. 

However, when it comes to winning slots developed by Play’n GO, NetEnt, etc., or trying Buffalo slots and many  other titles, there is an element of luck. When you spin the reels, you are not certain if you will land a winning combination or not. Hence, it is difficult to win a slot using AI. It can be used to play games that do not have a random element and uses the exact same technique for playing. 

The slot is an imperfect information game where you compete with the machine. Many methods can be used to gauge a probable action that the machine will choose. However, the technique is susceptible to the Random Number Generator of the slot machine.  A Random Number Generator powers every slot machine used by the gamblers these days, and it gives out the random combination to the punters. 

Slot Machines Offering an Inroad for AI

Casinos should develop AI solutions. Sure, at times, AI efforts can go awry. But, there are ways to mitigate the risk. It only has to keep a few things in mind. 

It is necessary that they concentrate on data that is being used for business decisions. The obvious choice is slot machine loyalty marketing. Casinos can track the behaviours of the players and can use it for marketing some offers to the slot punters. 

However, casinos should try to turn this into a prime system immediately that can predict real-time offers for providing it to each punter at a given time. Rather they need to focus on what the punters are doing. In case the database marketing team of the casino has a monthly mailing system, AI can be used to improve it. This will help in deciding the offers that have to be made to every slot player. This can improve the gambling experience for the punters as they can use these offers to play their favourite slot games. 

How Can Casinos Use AI to Their Advantage?

Here, you can check out some of the immediate benefits that casinos can expect from using Artificial intelligence technology. This can be the key to maximize profits. 

  •  Track and Identify Players for Verifying Eligibility 

Artificial Intelligence will make it easier for the casinos to record and analyze surveillance data. This will let the casino operators obtain an all-inclusive understanding of what is going on in the casino floors. It will help get an insight into player tracking. 

  •  Monitor All Transactions by Players 

Anti-money laundering compliance is the primary source of concern for several gambling sites across the world. Breaching these compliance statutes can cause them to pay hefty fines in thousands of pounds when not addressed properly. But with AI, it will be easy to spot potential AML noncompliance instances before they turn into a big problem. 

  •  Obtain Smart Data 

Online casinos need to gather client data in order to provide them with better deals. By collecting the data, online casinos can use it for personalizing gambling experience, providing special offers, and giving relevant ads. Casinos should invest in AI for analyzing personal information and provide online gambling operators with an edge. AI can pull out patterns that human brains cannot even think of. 

  •  Provide Better Customer Service 

Players often find themselves in a situation when they ask the customer service for some help, and the chatbot comes up with an answer like ‘Do you Need Help?’ This makes it obvious that you are not dealing with a human. However, with AI, it is easy to fix this problem, and unresponsive bots can be kicked out. 

Future of AI

It can be difficult to predict the future of AI since it is still in the infant stage. However, there is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence can influence and change lives in the time to come. With time, slot games will be personalized for the convenience of the punters. However, personalized games and content can be threatening as casino operators can use it to exploit people who are addicted to gambling. What is good is Artificial Intelligence can also help and counterattack addicts. It can still appear to be something that is visible to the naked eye, but you will get little hints of smart machines everywhere, even in gambling activities.

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