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A guide to Ice Sculptures 

A guide to Ice Sculptures

For over four decades, our team has created stunningly detailed and complex ice sculptures for events all around the world, and we’re frequently asked how we do it. We’ll be addressing some of the most common questions we’re frequently asked in this post!

How is an ice sculpture made?

This is the most frequently asked question of our staff, and the solution is straightforward. The procedures we use to make ice sculptures are completely identical regardless of how big or little they are. Getting a design for the client to sign off on and a sketch from which to work from is the initial step in making an icy masterpiece.

After that, we’ll take the right-sized ice blocks from our on-site freezer to begin sculpting. Our team will start by using a chainsaw to rapidly slice away large pieces of ice to create a rough outline. Our sculptors will chisel, sculpt, and shape the ice carefully cutting in major features without harming the work.

Depending on the customer’s demands, our staff may use color or LED lights to finish the ice sculpture.

How long do ice sculptures last?

The durability of a sculpture is determined by its size and where it is placed. Sculptures exposed to the elements, for example, will not last long; however, sculptures in more controlled environments will endure considerably longer.

An ice sculpture at room temperature should last over 12 hours, with the finest features becoming less visible after 4 hours. However, placing it in the coldest part of the event and setting it up at the last possible minute will extend its life as long as possible.

How do ice sculptures not melt?

Ice sculptures will melt, but how quickly this happens can be decreased. You may help your sculpture endure longer by keeping it in colder locations and away from direct sunlight and heat sources. In any event, we think there’s something exquisite about seeing the ice move and transform over time into an intriguing abstract artwork. Learn more about why ice sculptures don’t melt here.

How much do ice sculptures cost?

Our ice sculptures are perfect for a wide range of occasions, and with more than 80% of the work being completely new, our estimates are personalized on an individual basis.

If you’d like a more broad idea of our pricing, please Hamilton Ice Sculptors.

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