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A Brief Guide to Automatic Gate Maintenance for Homeowners 

A Brief Guide to Automatic Gate Maintenance for Homeowners

2.5 million home break-ins occur every year in the US. A break-in can cost you financially and steal your peace of mind. Thankfully there are numerous things you can do to deter thieves. 

Thieves want to break into homes quickly and look for ones with few obstacles. An automatic gate to get in and out of your home provides a clear barrier to thieves. 

Automatic gates not only provide safety but also increase your property value and are convenient. But, they also require regular gate maintenance. Read on to learn about automatic gate maintenance and how to take care of your gate.

Inspect Your Gate 

Automatic gates let you come and go with a button press, making it easy to forget about them. But like any mechanical device, it needs care and maintenance, or you’ll suddenly find it stops working. Inspecting automatic gates for damage or wear and tear can help you spot issues before they malfunction. 

When inspecting your gate, look for any rust or dents that affect your gate’s longevity. Check to make sure it is clean and opens smoothly. Finally, check inside your gate to ensure no bugs or animals have made a home and damaged it internally. 

Keep Your Gate Clean 

The easiest way to keep your automatic gate functioning is to keep it clean. Debris can build up on the track or gate leading to mechanical problems or rust. When cleaning, pay close attention to the gate’s hinges, track, and operator. 

Gate cleaning products you’ll want include a pressure washer, hose, wax, or towels. These will help you remove dust and protect your gate from the elements. Also, watch for where you might need to repaint to prevent rust.

Check Your Electronic Gate Components 

Gates use electrical components like keypads, intercom, and a mechanical circuit board to control the gate. Since these components are exposed, you’ll want to ensure they are protected and sealed against the weather and pests. You’ll want to occasionally open and test your electronic systems to ensure everything is in proper working order. 

Lubricate Your Gate

To keep your gate’s moving parts moving without squeaking, you’ll need to oil them regularly. Wheels, hinges, motors, chains, or other exposed moving parts especially need this care. Lubricating these parts reduces the friction so they don’t become stressed and break. 

Schedule Servicing and Adjustments 

Simple things like cleaning and lubrication can help keep your gate running and prevent serious repairs. But, you won’t be able to maintain some things, so you’ll need a professional. A gate repair company can adjust the tracks so your gate opens smoothly and repair complex internal electrical components to keep your gate functional. 

Automatic Gate Maintenance Made Easy

We may take automatic gates for granted, but they need regular care to prevent costly repairs. Automatic gate maintenance includes keeping your gate clean, lubricating it, and maintaining its electronic components. These areas are easy to do yourself and can help you spot issues that will require an expert’s help. 

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