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72 Series Reg Release: The Essentials 

72 Series Reg Release: The Essentials

With the coming release of 72 series number plates, do you know everything you need to about them?

The year 2022 has brought about a slew of changes. The majority of them have been negative. However, the 72 series number plate release is one thing to be glad about at the start of the new year.

In this blog, we’ll look at everything you need to know about the upcoming DVLA number plate release, from launch dates to how to get ahold of one and more. Let’s start with the most crucial date: the release date.

When is the 71 Series DVLA number plate release?

The 72 series number plates will be released by the DVLA in May 2022, with millions of new registrations being made available to UK motorists.

Because of the abundance of new number plates being introduced (more on that later), you’ll have a hard time deciding on your ideal 72 registration. And, best of all, because there are so many more combinations and names to choose from, you won’t be stuck with the same name for much longer.

How do I buy a 72 series number plate?

If you want to acquire a brand new 72 series private number plate, you’ll be best off using a professional, reputable number plate dealer. One with a lot of expertise and lots of positive Trustpilot evaluations, as well as one that has built its reputation on trust and excellent customer service.

We’ve been in the numbers business for over 40 years, and we’re talking about ourselves, National Numbers. We’re your best choice for obtaining that ideal 72 license plate for your car since we’ve got over 40 years of expertise in the number plate industry.

How much does a 72 number plate cost?

That all depends on the people you choose, of course! We have a variety of options to select from, and you may customize your plate using our 72 number plate maker.

How many 72 number plates will be released?

There will be quite a few! In other words, in 2022 there will be approximately 8,000,000 new 72 number plate combinations available, which is a lot of 0s and a lot of possibilities for people who want to make their vehicle come alive with the ideal personalized number plate.

How to order a 72 private registration

There are a variety of methods to express interest in a new 72 series private number plate with National Numbers. To begin, go to their website and select your favourite 72 number plate combination. We have an on-site number plate builder to make the process as easy as possible.

You can also view a selection of 72 number plate ideas on our website to get you inspired to make a decision. Visit our dedicated 72 number plate page for additional information and suggestions on which registration to choose.

Get in touch to find out more and find that perfect 72 series number plate today.

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