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7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Filter Needs to Be Changed 

7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Filter Needs to Be Changed

If your air conditioner filter is dirty for a long time, it can damage your air conditioner. This can lead to you having to replace your unit before it would’ve been necessary. Given how expensive it is to do this, you shouldn’t want to pay that replacement fee often.

Regular filter changes can save you from these charges. However, changing the filter too often can also cost you a fair amount. It’s important, then, that you know when to change your AC filter. 

If you don’t know about this, read on to learn seven ways to tell it needs changing.

1. Your Home Isn’t Cool or Warm Enough

It’s difficult for air to pass through the dirt in a filter. Likewise, hot or cold air can’t easily enter your home’s rooms to change the temperature. 

Have you cranked up the AC and your home doesn’t feel any colder or warmer? Dirty filters may be to blame.

2. Your AC Unit Is Hot 

Your AC unit probably has a sensor. With it, it can tell if it isn’t changing the temperature. It will then work harder to get its job done. 

This will lead to the AC unit feeling hot to the touch.

3. Your Electricity Bill Has Risen 

When your AC system works harder, it uses more electricity. You’ll see an increase in your electricity bill as a result. 

Keep an eye on your bill. If it rises unexpectedly, check the filter. 

4. Your Allergies Are Acting Up 

A dirty filter cannot collect any more particles. They’ll go back into your home’s air instead. This can cause you to experience symptoms if you have allergies. 

If allergy symptoms appear without reason, check your filter before calling a doctor. 

5. Your Home Looks Dustier Than Usual

Dust and dirt that don’t collect in the filter will also settle on furniture and floors.

If cleaning seems more exhausting to you lately, check the filter. 

6. Your Air Conditioner Filter Hasn’t Been Changed in Some Time

Experts have claimed that you should change filters every month or so. If you haven’t been following this rule, change your filter immediately. 

It may also be the first time that you’ve ever changed the filter in your home. If so, research the steps on the internet. You should also research air conditioner filter options such as 20x20x1 air filters

7. Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Technician Recommends It 

An AC technician knows a lot more about your AC unit than you do. It’s a good idea to listen to and follow their advice. 

This can include changing the air filter if they recommend it. 

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Remember: your AC can give your home allergen-free, cooled or warmed air. All that you have to do is treat it well. 

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