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7 Reasons Why Bonus Codes Are So Useful For Online Betting 



Online betting is a form of gambling that generally involves casino, sports betting, and poker. All these have been in existence for quite some time although they were done offline at physical locations. However, with the invention of internet, the first to go online was a casino in 1994. Since then, many betting businesses have joined the trend. 

With so many competitors in the market today, betting businesses have to come up with creative ways to remain competitive and get more customers. One of such ways is by offering bonus codes. Betting sites use bonus codes for the following reasons:

1. Lead Generation to Attract New Players

Lead generation is a subtle but effective marketing strategy that is used to identify prospective customers. Betting sites use bonus codes as a lead generator to attract new players. When a prospect stumbles upon an ad offering bonus codes, they have an incentive to join the betting site. And once they do, they are likely to keep on betting. Before you sign up as a new player, check the website review to get other people’s opinion on their offerings. Unibet reviews are a great place to learn about Unibet, a reputable betting site, and their bonus code offerings. 

2. Sample the Bookmaker 

Betting sites, also known as bookmakers or bookies, use bonus codes to allow new players ‘sample their product’. As a new player, chances are you will have concerns about the authenticity of the platform, the games and other offerings they might have. Before spending your own money, you may use a bonus code to sample the bookmaker.

3. Reward System for Players on Deposits

Bonus codes are also used as a reward system for players when they make deposits. This is meant to encourage more deposits in future.

4. Boost Account Balance and Experience

Much like the reward system, the bonus codes give you room to play more rounds. With an a little help to boost your account balance, you get to increase your chances of winning when you play more. The more you play, the better you get. 

5. Access to Various Markets 

Leading bookmakers use bonus codes to provide access to various betting markets. Now a days, competitors are coming up with ways to bet on various levels, industries, and markets. For new players, this means you get a great selection of betting markets that you can relate to. 

6. Refund Opportunity

Not every online bookmaker offers refunds. A very small selection of reputable bookmakers use bonus offers to grant the option of refunds, especially if your first bet loses. This encourages responsible gambling and creates trust. 

7. Access to Podcasts and Insights

For players who want to learn about the industry, keep up with latest gaming developments, or simply want to learn how professionals play, then bonus codes can be used to unlock exclusive insights with select bookmakers.


Whether you are a first time player or an experienced player, the use of bonus codes is beneficial for your gaming experience. On the business end, this is a great marketing strategy at almost no cost to the bookmaker.

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