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7 Best Performance Basketball Shoes for 2020 

7 Best Performance Basketball Shoes for 2020
Basketball Shoes

According to recent statistics, over 26 million people in the US play basketball on a regular basis. That’s more than those who play any other team sport, including baseball and football! One thing’s for sure- b-ball is a game that isn’t going anywhere for a long, long time.

If you’re one of these active and fun-loving basketball players, sore feet after a game are probably the only thing about the sport that doesn’t get you buzzing with excitement. Luckily, this is an easy fix. A pair of good basketball shoes will support your soles and allow for more action and less pain.

Read on to learn the best performance basketball shoes on the market in 2020!

For Him

If you’re a man who loves to get his head in the game, there are a lot of shoe options on the market for you this year. Read on to learn a few of the best.

1. Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

The entirety of an Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive basketball shoe is a work of art. The innovative design ensures that every part of your foot will be well supported. The shoe features a breathable mesh tongue that will keep the sweat from building on top of your foot even after hours of play.

Most importantly to the health of your feet, these shoes have a rubber sole as well as a rubber boost over the midsole. This ensures that the arch of your foot will be supported at all times while you run.

2. Adidas Performance Cloudfoam

The Adidas Performance Cloudfoam may sound similar to the Crazy Explosive, but it features an entirely different design. This shoe, rather than a rubber boost, has a memory foam footbed that molds easily to the specific shape of your foot.

This shoe has the same breathable tongue as other Adidas brand shoes, but it also has a mesh collar and rear quarter for further airflow. Your feet will be able to breathe all throughout the game, making running comfortably easier than ever.

3. Nike Air More Uptempo

Moving away from Adidas, the Nike Air More Uptempo comes in a wide variety of colors that prominently feature the word ‘AIR’ in aesthetically pleasing letters across the side. They’re incredibly fashionable, but they’re also practical. They feature rubber soles with great traction to prevent you from ever slipping on the court.

These shoes also feature impact protection so that you can jump as high as you want without the fear of landing painfully. Perfect for slam-dunks, the Uptempo will keep your feet safe in even the most competitive of games.

4. Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3

These UA shoes have something called ‘ClutchFit’ technology, which allows them to stretch and support your foot and all its shapes as you play basketball. This is great because you’ll have great freedom of movement as well as high breathability.

You won’t need to sacrifice a snug-fitting shoe for this breathability, though- the bear-trap lacing on the ClutchFit allows for the shoe to lock into place tightly. You’ll never worry about them falling off for this reason. Combine this with pillow cushions on the heel, and these are a shoe ready for success.

For Her

While you can, of course, wear a smaller size of any men’s shoe, there’s no shortage of basketball shoes tailor-made for women. Here, we’re going to look into some of the options that will have you breezing around the court in no time at all.

5. Nike Air Max Bella TR

The Max Air units in these shoes are low on the ground cushioning the bottoms of your feet directly against it to make you stand in a more stable way. This will stop you from toppling over and injuring yourself while on the court. However, you’ll also be able to run fast and jump high with Nike’s underfoot cushioning.

The entirety of these shoes are made of breathable fabric, which means that your feet will never feel trapped or sweaty. The fabric also is well-textured, providing the shoe with a unique and modern feel.

6. Nike Zoom KD 12

Nike is a winning brand for men and women alike, and the Zoom KD 12 is one of their best shoes all around. It gets its name ‘Zoom’ because it has something in the heel called ‘Zoom Air,’ which allows you to propel yourself higher up when you jump. This makes it the perfect basketball shoe by allowing you to slam-dunk more easily than ever before.

The Nike Zoom also features flywire, a thread of nylon that is used in the upper of a shoe. This innovation is Nike’s alone. It prevents the shoe from flying off or shifting uncomfortably as you run, making it perfect for being part of the action.

7. Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero W

Unlike most women’s athletic shoes that feature breathable fabric uppers, the Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero W has a synthetic leather upper that has a great grip on your foot. It also comes with a Kurim shell toe to prevent injuries to your toes!

The shoe itself is still breathable, though- the padded inner lining of the shoe and the padding on the tongue see to that!

Beyond the Best Performance Basketball Shoes

While basketball is a lot of fun no matter what, it’s even better when you have the best possible shoes on while you play. You’ll run faster than the other team, jump higher than the opposition, and leave with your feet fresh and not at all sore.

Now that you know the best performance basketball shoes on the market for 2020, it’s time to get more information on your favorite sports and the active lifestyle you love. Check out the search function on our homepage to look up any lifestyle topics you’re interested in and learn more about your favorite hobbies.

Good luck on the court!

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