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6 Subtle Signs Your Wife Is Cheating 

6 Subtle Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

Infidelity is a common and traumatic problem to face in a relationship. If, for some reason, your gut is telling you that your wife is having an affair but can’t figure out why then it’s probably because it’s true. However, we’ve created this brief guide to help you pinpoint the signs your wife is cheating so, don’t stop reading!

They Constantly Accuse You of Cheating

In relationships, it’s common to project your faults and insecurities onto your spouse, even though it’s not ok to do so. And, usually, if someone is cheating, they project their guilt onto their spouse with the intention to distract them from any possible suspicions, as well as to make their spouse defensive. It’s a classic manipulation technique.

They Change Their Appearance

Right when you and your spouse started dating, both of you always wanted to look your best for each other. However, after being together for a while, it’s natural to get comfortable and not work as hard as you used to. And, if you and your spouse have reached that phase of your relationship, and suddenly your wife is changing her appearance out of nowhere, something’s up. 

For example, you might see her wearing more makeup or buying new clothes. Another red flag is if you see her buying new lingerie or nice undergarments.

They’re Flaky

If your wife has always been unreliable when making plans or commitments, then there’s no need to worry. Yet, if she was committed, reliable, and always showed up for everything but lately has been canceling plans last minute, then it’s a clear sign that you are no longer her priority, and she doesn’t take you seriously anymore. If it happens a handful of times, there is no need to panic, but if it’s become a habit, it’s time to get suspicious. 

Wants More Privacy Than Usual

One of the clearest signs your wife is cheating is when she starts demanding more privacy for things she never asked for. For example, she might have changed or added passwords to her devices. Or, she might switch her phone to airplane mode whenever you’re around in order not to receive any messages.

Or, if she wasn’t dependant on her phone and now it seems she can’t live without it and take it everywhere with her, it’s usually because she’s hiding something. Other odd behaviors might include leaving a room almost every time she receives a phone call. 

So, it’s good to consider that every situation is different. Your wife might not be having an affair but perhaps is engaging in inappropriate activity, known as micro cheating.

Uses Devices Differently

Your wife might also change her use of devices if she’s cheating, aside from demanding more privacy. Perhaps she stopped using shared devices or is a lot less active on social media. Or, maybe she’s no longer reachable during specific times of the day. 

Things Have Changed in the Bedroom

Fluctuations in sex life are highly common when a spouse is cheating. Even though other factors or circumstances can affect your sex life, some possible changes can indicate your wife is having an affair. 

For example, she might have less time or energy or doesn’t know how to connect intimately anymore. She also might become inactive sexually, and you both do it less than before. Or, another possible indication is that she introduces new things that you never spoke about trying.

Signs Your Wife is Cheating—Revealed

If you see these red flags, it could be possible signs your wife is cheating. However, the best thing you should do is communicate with her and lovingly encourage her to be honest. And, if you want to read and learn more about similar topics, a look at our love-related posts!

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