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6 Reasons To Take A Road Trip This Summer 

6 Reasons To Take A Road Trip This Summer
Summer Road Trip

Summer is the season to do all the things we’ve been wanting to do. Here are 6 reasons to take a road trip this summer!

Did you know that in 2017, 79% of people surveyed took a family road trip that year?

It’s no surprise that the “old school” style of family vacation is still a popular choice when it comes to planning a summer vacation.

Summer is the time when the sun sets late, the weather is warmer and people can enjoy outdoor activities they’ve been wanting to do. 

Keep reading to learn 6 reasons to take a road trip this summer.

6 Reasons to Take a Road Trip This Summer

No matter if you plan on packing your minivan, SUV, or your own RV from the official Entegra dealer this summer to take a road trip with your loved ones it’s sure to be a blast as long as you’re prepared! Whether you plan on checking out the beaches in North Carolina or driving to Yellowstone taking a road trip will help you have some much-needed time to reset from your everyday life and stress.

1. Collect Experiences

There is no price tag on collecting experiences and gathering memories. As you get older those memories will mean more than anything you’ve ever bought. If you travel with children they will have those memories to remember forever.

No matter the type of road trip you plan you will collect memories from the moment you leave your home to the moment you come back. Those memories will help lift you up in the times you’re feeling down.

2. Recharge Yourself

Everybody deals with different daily stressors from life and there’s nothing like escaping, shutting down cell phones and emails to give your mind time to recharge. Taking a road trip will give your mind and body a chance to shut down from your normal routines and recharge by doing the things you want to do.

Slowing down, breaking free from the monotony of everyday routine will have you feeling your best. If you feel your best everyone around you that you love and care for will be able to enjoy the best of you. Being the best you that you can be for those you love is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

3. Discover New Things

When you go on a road trip you’re able to find hidden gems and new things that you’ve never seen or heard about. It’s easy to bump into new sights as you’re driving down the highway.

You never know when you’ll see Cadillacs dug into the ground and used as an art canvas in Texas. Imagine the feeling of everyone that’s in the road trip party as they grab a can of spray paint and partake in being artsy in Cadillacs that have been there for decades?

Finding hidden gems during a road trip is much easier than finding hidden gems when you’re flying from home to your destination. Not much can happen from one airport to the next.

4. Easier on the Pocket

Traveling from a car is less expensive than buying flights for everyone. Traveling from an RV might be even less expensive because then you won’t need to add a hotel in the budget. Either way, it’s easier on the pocket when planning a road trip.

It’s also less expensive to either rent a car or an RV and travel vs going on a group trip or paying for a tour package. Plus you’re able to make the itinerary however you please and change it whenever you want without losing out on money. 

5. Bonding Time

During your road trip, you will spend time in a confined space with your travel buddies or family unless you’re doing a road trip on your own. No matter who you’re traveling with it will give you an opportunity to get to know them a little more.

Expect to have fun discussions and deep discussions about topics you normally don’t have time to talk about. The bonding will be on a whole different level because you will spend too much time together to only have small talk.

Every memory and experience during the road trip will also create a bond because it’s an adventure you’re sharing. Nothing like growing together through shared adventure. Don’t expect to forget your road trip bonding time anytime soon.

6. Meet New People

While you’re driving through new towns, stopping for gas or something to eat you’re bound to meet new people. It’s easy to strike up a conversation at a new gas station with a local whom you’re bound to learn something new. 

Meeting new people can teach you new perspectives on life and broaden your horizons. This will also give you an opportunity to meet like-minded people.

You never know if you will bump into another road trip adventurous couple or family while you’re on your own road trip. That will give you an instant connection and bond with someone new and unexpected. 

Every stop along the way will show you a new way of life and culture. Someone in a whole new state can teach you something totally new which will add to those memories you will be collecting.

It’s Adventure Time!

Now that you have learned 5 reasons to take a road trip this summer it’s time to go pack your bags ASAP. What are you waiting for? 

Find your travel partners, pick your date and hit the road to create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s time to add to your memory bank and life stories to share in the future.

Make sure to check out our travel section for tons of tips and new places to discover. 

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