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5 Warning Signs Your Car Needs a New Transmission 

5 Warning Signs Your Car Needs a New Transmission

A 2018 study uncovered a shocking statistic – about a quarter of Americans hit the road in a car that puts them at risk. That’s because their vehicle has an issue that needs fixing. 

You’re here because you think you may be one of those people. Specifically, you’re wondering if your car needs a new transmission. Could that be the issue you’re having with your vehicle? 

Here are five warning signs that your car needs a new transmission.

1. Your Car Won’t Switch Gears

Your car’s transmission is responsible for a lot. One of its jobs is to help you transition between gears. 

If you find your car has trouble switching between gears – or gets stuck in the process – it’s probably a transmission issue. Oftentimes, it’s down to the fact that your transmission is low on fluid, so this is an easy switch.

2. A Warning Light is On

Your car’s dashboard has only so many alerts to light on your dashboard. There’s no specific warning light for your transmission, so if you have a general alert, you could have an issue with your transmission. 

This is especially true if you’re having one of the issues on this list, and the warning light’s on, too. Learn more here.

3. There’s a Leak Coming From Somewhere

Like we said, your transmission requires fluid to run properly. So, if you notice that you leak, it could be transmission fluid. 

Transmissions leak when a loose gasket or disconnected line is running through your engine. If your transmission pan comes loose, it can cause leaks, too. 

So, if you notice a leak, and you suspect it’s your transmission, take your car for a repair ASAP. Even if it’s not your transmission that’s leaking, it’s worth visiting a pro to figure out what the actual issue is.

4. You Hear Noises – Even in Neutral

Another telltale sign that your car has a problem is hearing a noise when your car’s in neutral. If your transmission needs fresh fluid, it can make noticeable noises even when your car’s in neutral. Bring it to a pro to refresh and replace the fluid to mute the noises.

In worse cases, hearing noises while in neutral can signify that you need a transmission repair or complete replacement. Either way, it’s worth taking your car for a repair to make sure you’re not riding around in a hazardous vehicle. 

5. Your Car Shakes When You Change Gears

If your car has an automatic transmission, then this is a big problem to look out for. If you feel shaking or grinding when your car switches gears, then you may have a failing transmission.

Take your car to a professional and ask, do I need a new transmission? They can pinpoint the reason that your car shakes, whether it’s the transmission or something else.

Find Out If You Need a New Transmission

These are only five signs that your car needs a new transmission. And, even if you find one in your car, it’s up to a professional to decide if you need a new transmission or not. So, take your vehicle to a mechanic and let them pinpoint the problem – and find a solution so you’re as safe as possible while on the road.

Be sure to check back with us for the latest in auto news and advice.

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