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5 Bathroom Layout Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests 

5 Bathroom Layout Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Did you know that 42% of Americans will change their opinion of you if your bathroom is dirty? So having an untidy bathroom can lower the overall impression of your home.

But, perhaps you don’t have enough storage space in your bathroom, or it lacks a design focus. The layout can transform how you utilize the room. It may also open up new storage opportunities.

In fact, a well-laid out and clean washroom is a sure-fire way to impress your friends. So, check out these top bathroom layout ideas if you want to remodel. 

1. Galley Layout

The plumbing is on one side of the room in a galley layout. It saves money for your bathroom remodeling because you won’t need multiple plumbing points. A galley layout also creates an open area on the other side of the room.

They work well in small and narrow bathrooms. To create an illusion of space, attach an oversized mirror to the opposite wall. Also, add a glass-fronted walk-in shower for a modern design. 

2. Jack and Jill Layout

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a traditional option for two bedrooms sharing one bathroom. Each of the bedrooms has an access point, and there is ample design flexibility with the layout. 

For example, you could choose dual or single basins. Some Jack and Jill layouts place the basins on the center wall, while others put them at either end for more privacy. The modern version of a Jack and Jill layout separates the toilet into a different room. 

3. Highlight Space With Lighting

While we add task and ambient lighting in the other rooms, we often forget the bathroom space. The majority of American washrooms have one switch that operates an overhead light.

However, this lighting fixture will cast shadows and is unsuitable for checking your face and applying makeup. So, ramp up your layout design with low-hanging pendant lights beside the sinks. You could also backlight mirrors above the bathroom vanity for halo-style highlights. 

4. Powder Room Layout

You could convert a ground-floor half-bathroom into a powder room layout. The most popular layout versions include the sink and toilet on one side, on opposite corners, or on either end.

As a top tip, installing a basin and toilet side-by-side opens up three bare walls to decorate. Therefore, you can express your personality and design preferences with a powder room layout. 

5. Symmetrical Layout

Achieving balance in your bathroom renovation will create a serene and calming room. The symmetry doesn’t have to be exact, but both sides of the room should complement each other.

For example, position a freestanding or drop-in tub in the back wall center. Then, you can counterbalance tall brass taps on one side with a tall, hardy plant. Or the shower and sink could be opposite the bathtub for a balance of access. 

Bathroom Layout Ideas to Impress

These bathroom layout ideas will have your friends vying to visit you more often. They’ll make a lasting impact for all the right reasons. A perfect layout is like a solid foundation for your bathroom design.

Once you’ve chosen the layout, you can play with different styles and colors. So, put your effort into your bathroom and feel proud of your home.

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