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4 Easy Ways to Make Homemade CBD Edibles 

4 Easy Ways to Make Homemade CBD Edibles

One in seven U.S. adults uses CBD, according to 2019 data gathered by Gallup. Whether you’re one of them or considering joining their ranks, you want to try taking CBD in a specific form: edibles. 

And you don’t want any old edibles, either. You want to know how to make homemade CBD edibles — without much effort on your end. Here are four options to try. 

1. CBD Gummies

If you’ve ever made Jell-O, then you can easily figure out how to make CBD gummies. All you have to do is heat your CBD oil and add it to the gelatin mix while it, too, is still warm. That way, the oil will distribute evenly throughout the mixture. 

Seek out a CBD gummy recipe to find out the right oil-to-gelatin mixture for your gummies. You can buy molds to make gummy bears or worms, but an ice cube tray will work in a pinch. 

2. CBD Butter

You’ll need two cups of butter, one cup of water, and 20 milliliters of CBD oil to make CBD butter. It’s a two-hour process — you’ll cook the CBD and butter over low heat for two hours so that it blends without cooking out the CBD’s calming elements. 

Once it’s done and cooled, though, you’ll have a big supply of CBD butter to slather on all of your favorite baked goods. What could be more calming than that?!

3. CBD Baked Goods

Here’s another easy homemade edible to try: CBD-infused baked goods. In fact, you can use the CBD butter you created in step two, then replace regular butter in your recipe for the CBD-infused version. After you mix that into your batter, you’ll have a baked good that’s full of that CBD goodness without much added effort. 

You can also add CBD into your baking oil, but keep in mind that you’ll have to heat both to blend them, then let them cool. You can add that mixture into any baked good recipe that calls for butter or oil, so you can get creative with this one!

4. CBD Coffee

It might sound oxymoronic to suggest adding CBD to coffee, but if you find this caffeinated beverage to be relaxing, then imagine just how much nicer it’d be with a bit of CBD. 

You’ll add just a few drops of CBD to your French press right before you pour in and steep the hot water. If you use a filter-inclusive coffee system, you can add the drops to the filter before pouring the hot water over it. 

You can even make CBD-infused coffee with your pod system. Just put the drops into your mug, then press start on your machine. It might not blend as well as in the above suggestions, but it will still give you that CBD goodness. 

Try Your Hand at Homemade CBD Edibles

These are only four examples of easy homemade CBD edibles you can try. Which one sounds best to you? It’s time to hit the kitchen and give it a try yourself! 

Be sure to check back with us for more health and home advice. 

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