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4 Common Household Pests to Look Out For 

4 Common Household Pests to Look Out For

Nearly three-quarters of homeowners attempted some form of pest control in 2019. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a long-time owner, it’s important to be aware of what sorts of pests you might face.

Keep reading to find out about the most common household pests you might come across.

1. Cockroaches

Especially in cities, cockroaches can be a major annoyance. Roaches are drawn to dampness, so they’re often found in kitchens and bathrooms near taps. They also tend to come out when it’s dark outside.

Cockroaches won’t damage your home, but they can spread diseases. So, don’t handle cockroaches directly. And, you should take measures to prevent cockroaches from exploring your home. Put out roach motels to trap any strays that wander in. Use roach gels to repel them in advance. Have roach spray on hand to catch any stray roaches that get through your other measures.

2. Ants

No matter where you live, you’ve probably struggled with ants in your home. Ants often invade homes when they’re looking for food. So, keeping your floors and counters clean and clear can help keep them away.

Once ants have invaded, you’ll want to set out ant traps. You’ll also want to do a deep clean of your home to discourage more from wandering in. And, you should search for the ants’ nest so that you can stomp them out at the source. 

But, there are different types of ants that are more than just a hindrance. Carpenter ants, for example, can cause significant damage to your home. That’s because they eat wood, so they can literally eat your home. 

Fire ants can also be a more significant issue. These ants bite, so they’re more of a nuisance. They can kill the natural ecosystem in your backyard. And, if they invade your home, they may chew through your wires and screw up your electrical system. 

3. Bed Bugs

One of the most annoying types of household pests is bed bugs. That’s because they’re incredibly difficult to get rid of. They’re commonly spotted in mattresses but can infest other types of furniture and other items as well.

Furniture with bedbugs is often left on the street, so it’s important to never bring street furniture into your own home, no matter how nice it looks. 

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4. Termites

Termites are one of the most dangerous types of household pests you can face. They can cause significant damage to your home, very quickly. If you suspect you might have termites, you should can in professional exterminators to inspect your home ASAP. 

Common Household Pests: Watch Out

Now that you know about the most common household pests, you can work to keep them out of your home.

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