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3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Eyes 

3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Eyes

When it comes to looking healthy and ensuring that you look ready to take on the world, your eyes play an important role. If your eyes look sunken and dark, you will not look healthy and may even look older than you actually are. Many people struggle with dark eyes, but there are some quick and easy ways to brighten them up and ensure that you look your best.

1. Use Eye drops Before Putting On Your Makeup

Sometimes eyes look dead or sunken because the eyeball it self is tired, poorly hydrated, or irritated. Even if all of the darkness surrounding the eye is covered with makeup, the person will still look tired and their eyes will lack light. One of the best ways to deal with this is to add in the use of eye drops before putting on your makeup. This brightens the eyes, ensures that they stay hydrated throughout the day, and can protect them from the elements. For most people, doing this in conjunction with their daily routine is enough to bring back the light to their eyes and help them look fresh faced and youthful.

2. Get More Sleep

When you don’t sleep enough, it shows in your eyes. Throughout history, people have talked about the eyes being a window to the soul, and that holds true even today. Emotional distress, being overly tired, sickness, and anything that takes you away from being as healthy as possible can affect the way that your eyes look and make it hard for you to put your best foot forward in life.

Try to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep each night or in the form of a nap. This will give your body a better chance to fight off things like colds, and will help your eyes seem brighter when you wake up. If you don’t get enough sleep one night, try to plan ahead to sleep more the next night, ensuring that you don’t keep accruing sleep debt over time.

Finally, make sure to wash your face in cold water when you wake up, waking your face and eyes up and washing away any fatigue that might show in them when you awake.

3. Wear White Eye Makeup

A trick that has been used for hundreds of years is the use of white eye makeup to make the eyes look bigger and to ensure that they look more alive. This is done by lining the underneath of the eye and the inside corners before applying the rest of your makeup. You can still do a darker eyeliner on the outside and do fun things with your makeup such as a cat eye look. However, you should avoid the use of dark eye shadow on the top lids, or at least blend it with lighter colors. Remember to blend out the eyeliner to ensure that it looks more natural, but try to get it as close to the waterline and inner parts of the eye as possible.

These three tricks will all brighten your eyes quickly and can all be combined as well. Depending on how you are feeling on any given day, you may want to use all of them or only use one at a time.

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