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3 Reasons To Try a Thailand Golf Trip 

3 Reasons To Try a Thailand Golf Trip

Are you a golfer? Do you love to travel?

Then a Thailand golf trip may be something that you want to start working on. Thailand golf courses are beautiful, and when you aren’t on the course, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery as well.

You’ll also get a bang for your buck when playing at Thailand golf courses.

Do you still need to know more benefits of playing on Thailand golf courses? Keep reading!

1. New Destination 

It’s always a great time to visit a new destination that you’ve never been to. If you are a golfer, expanding your horizons and trying out different courses can be just as exciting as it is challenging.

While you’ll get a great experience on the course, you’ll also have amazing experiences after you golf in Thailand.

You can visit the beautiful mountainous area of Chiang Mia or the beaches in Phuket. The best part? You can get a little mix of beach, jungle, and golf in Phuket, Thailand.

You can also spend time venturing around the island while finding new golf courses to play on. Every place on the island has a different feel and look to it – so you won’t grow tired of any of the areas!

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2. Beautiful Climate

Thailand is home to a beautiful climate that is perfect for golfing.

With their three different seasons (hot season, Green season, and cool-season), there is a climate that everyone can fall in love with.

One of the biggest times to play golf is the cool season. However, this is peak season so the golf courses tend to be busier.

One of the worst times to play golf in Thailand is in September since this is the wettest season as well as one of the hottest.

3. Attractions Outside of Golf

While golf is the main reason you’d be going to Thailand, when you’re not playing, there are so many things to do and see.

You can hang out at a nightclub or go visit a temple during the day (or both!). There are beautiful mountains and waterfalls, as well as boat trips to some of the most beautiful islands. You can also visit the amazing shopping malls or explore the street stalls during a day off from golf.

Railay Beach, The Grand Palace, Khao Yai National Park, and Sukhothai Old City are some of the most popular places to see in Thailand.

It’s Time to Play a Thailand Golf Course

If you are an avid golfer, playing on a Thailand golf course may be your dream! Or maybe it’s not something you’ve ever thought about. 

However, Thailand’s golf courses are beautiful, and playing some of them is something that you’ll want to do at some point during your lifetime.

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