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3 Must-Have Golfing Accessories of 2022 

3 Must-Have Golfing Accessories of 2022

As the wind caresses your hair on the golf green, you feel like you’re in seventh heaven. And even if you’re golfing solo, you’re in good company.

Here’s why.

Research shows that 106 million people in 2021 played golf or followed the sport online or on TV.

The question is, do you have everything it takes to keep your golf game going strong? Chances are, there are a few other golfing accessories you can squeeze into your current arsenal to take your game to the next level.

Here’s a rundown on three popular golfing accessories to add to the mix in 2022.

Let’s get started! 

1. Putter Covers

Putter covers are one of the best golfing accessories to have on hand, as they are designed to protect your putters’ heads and shafts.

Protecting the shaft is especially critical because this part of the putter might not be as durable as the head is.

With well-designed putter covers, you can prevent unnecessary damage and thus maintain your putters’ integrity. This protection can prove helpful both on the golf course and in a golf bag. 

2. Headcovers

Headcovers are also invaluable golfing accessories, as they safeguard your clubs against the elements. These covers also prevent clubs from causing damage to each other when you store them in your bags.

Headcovers come in various materials, styles, and colors. This means you should have no problem with finding the perfect headcover to suit your equipment.

Headcovers are mostly available in the sock or barrel shape. However, some retailers offer these covers other many other designs as well. For instance, consider a knitted or even a bobble-top option if you want to stand out in the crowd.

You may also have a headcover specially designed for your favorite club.

3. Golf Monitors

Don’t enter the gold course with a top-tier golf monitor in tow as well.

For example, try the Garmin Approach G80, a handheld GPS featuring a launch monitor. This device allows you to track the speeds of your club head and ball. You can also use it to monitor your estimated distance, smash factor, and swing tempo.

This device is an ideal way to hone your golfing technique. The more you use, it the better your chances of improving your game long term.

Take Advantage of the Top Golfing Accessories of 2022 Today

With golf being such a popular sport, it should come as no surprise that multiple golfing accessories are dedicated to enhancing the playing experience. Fortunately, choosing the right accessories doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, even for those who are not familiar with golf.

Consider the above-listed best golfing accessories as you seek to take your game on the green up a notch this year. And don’t forget to surprise your favorite golfers with these gifts as well!

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